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Silent Retreat

Join us for a day retreat at Tatton Estates, Cheshire on either 7th or 20th November. Silence – inspiration and peace of mind for executives in a busy world. Gain a new skillset to perform under pressure in this one day workshop:

We invite you and your team to join us for breakfast and a whole day exploring the mental, physical and emotional benefits of silence. Whether you have a chimp, a monkey or a lion roaring inside your head you will learn powerful techniques to quieten a busy brain.

We will share the secrets of the Four Pillars of Silence with you so you can switch-off quickly and easily before bed, plus breath techniques to reduce anxiety and stress. You will leave with a whole new skillset to help you consistently perform at your best under when working pressure.


Cleansing breakfast – alkaline foods to restore balance & reduce stress & anxiety

The Four Pillars of Silence
Hypnotherapist Chris Clarkson presents a practical interactive session offering the Four Pillars Of Silence – powerful techniques to help quieten a busy overactive mind.

Energising Break
Super juices to boost energy and vitality

Silent Whispers
How to find pockets of silence throughout every day to reduce stress and anxiety

Healing Lunch
Soothing high protein lunch to energise and soothe the body

The Breath Alchemist Workshop
Mindfulness, Breath Box and 4,7,8 Breath Technique to Reduce Anxiety and Balance Mood

Hello World
Back to Busy with a New Perspective, Confidence and Skill Set

Cost: £150pp
Dates: 7th or 20th November
Time: 0800-1630
Location: Tatton Estates

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