Strategies for healthier, happier workforces

Tatton Events are proud to working in association with the award winning Manchester Stress Institute to be able to offer established, effective and enjoyable wellness retreats for your team. These packages has been specifically designed to improve team performance, mindfulness and an overall healthier workforce.


Eat Well For Your Mental Health

Eating a healthy balanced diet can make a big difference to both physical and mental health.

Research shows that people with mental health issues are more likely to have weight problems, and tend to reach for high sugar, high fat foods frequently.

This course offers a vast range of knowledge on diet and nutrition for mental health in order to support colleagues and help make your workplace more mentally healthy for everyone.


• To train staff as Eat Well for Mental Health so the programme offers a lasting legacy

• To educate on pertinent information relevant to the current challenges facing staff

• To demonstrate that lifestyle interventions can have a real time impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of staff.

Day One

Diet & Nutrition ONE: Protein Foods

  • Understand macronutrients
  • Protein food know how
  • 5 protein foods you should eat more often
  • The link between proteins and mood
  • Mental wellbeing and brain flow

Diet & Nutrition TWO: Carbohydrates

  • Understanding carbohydrates
  • Sugars and the fat connection
  • Cravings, mood and low energy
  • Label reading
  • Know your sugar numbers
  • How much and when?

Diet & Nutrition THREE: Fats

  • Good fats vs bad fats
  • The low down on HDL and LDL fats
  • Fats and mood
  • Quantities and levels
  • Fats and super energy foods
  • Healthy fats for healthy mental wellbeing

Diet & Nutrition FOUR: Vitamins & Minerals

  • The super B vitamins for stress
  • Vitamins to sooth nerves and anxiety
  • Minerals to reduce stress and tension in muscles
  • 5 natural sleep foods
  • A.C.E vitamins for enhanced immunity


Full day course (0930-1600)  min 10 delegates



Stress Resilience & Performance Nutrition

This workshop focuses on the cognitive, mental and emotional wellbeing of staff to help reduce stress and over-thinking and boast motivation and performance when working under pressure.


Understand how stress can affect performance
Let go of emotional stress and worry
Learn how to stay calm and mentally focused when working under pressure
Learn how to be less reactive, think more clearly and make logical decisions under pressure
Increase energy and wellbeing capacity to execute work more efficiently


Stress Resilience    40 minutes (topics 1-4)
Energy Nutrition    12 minutes (topics 5-6)
Emotional Health.    8 minutes (topic 7)


Thoughts Vs Reactions – Understanding Your Specific Stressors?
Locus of control and emotional intelligence strategies

How to Combat Over-Thinking
Controlling the Controllable’s – focusing on what you can do

Mindful or Mind-full? How To Let Go & Move On…
How to stop over-thinking and over-analysing

Stress Resilience Tips To Help You Focus In The NOW
Strategies to get results and feel better instantly

Foods To Replenish The Stressed Body
How to replenish vitamins and minerals depleted by stress

Nutrition To Boost Your Sense Of Wellbeing
Quick and easy nutrition tips for busy people

How To De-Stress The Brain Before Bed
Nutrition and stress tips for a better night’s sleep


3 hour workshop  (0930 – 1230 or 1230 – 1530)  min 10 delegates
Full day course (0930 – 1600)  min 10 delegates



Nutrition & Wellbeing Workshop

This course focuses specifically on healthy eating and wellbeing for women who may be peri-menopausal, or post-menopausal, HRT or not.


To help women enjoy optimum health for performance throughout the menopause
to boost energy, wellbeing and improve mental health pre/during/post menopause
to help women understand the physiology of the menopause
to boost brain power throughout the menopause

One Day Workshop

Menopause physiology       (topics 1-4)
Nutrition for menopause    (topics 5-6)
Menopause mental health  (topic 7)


Understanding Key Hormonal Changes For Menopause
Menopause physiology in a nut-shell. what’s going on?

Hot Flushes / Night Sweats / Exhaustion
Top tips for a better nights sleep so you wake refreshed

Bone Health & Vitamin D
The WHAT & WHY of taking care of you bones

Weight Gain & Bloating
Strategies to get results and feel better instantly

Menopause & Nutrition
Top 5 foods to balance the body naturally

Nutrition to Boost Energy & Wellbeing
Tips for healthy eating to help balance energy / mood dips

Menopause Mental Health
How to support the body’s physiology to reduce anxiety and mood swings


3 hour workshop (0930 – 1230 or 1230 – 1530)  min 10 delegates
Full day course (0930 – 1600)  min 10 delegates



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